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airtel DTH picture quality
High definition recording
airtel digital TV [HD] recorder lets you record high definition (HD) channels as well as standard definition (SD) channels. HD has 5 times sharper picture than Standard Definition with the highest possible resolution of 1920x1080 (2.07million+ pixels). Now record your daily shows to watch at your convenience while your kids watch their cartoons or just record your favorite movies in HD and make your own personal HD collection.
airtel DTH HD recorder features
airtel HD recorder features
Your airtel digital TV [HD] recorder is now 3D ready!
Enjoy your favorite channels come to life.
Dolby digital plus
Dolby digital plus
Dolby Digital Plus surround sound for theatre like experience right in your living room.
airtel mobile internet
Mobile recording
You can now instruct your airtel digital TV [HD] recorder to start recording your favorite shows, from anywhere at any time using just your mobile handset, as long as your Set Top Box is on stand-by. Now view the entire TV guide on your mobile, choose your channel select your show and hit the record button to never miss a program again.
Internet recording
Browse the TV guide and schedule recordings on your airtel digital TV [HD] recorder form the Internet! Other features include search by programme name / start-time, browse by genre and a quick link to jump directly to your favorite channel.
HDMI output to get the best HD signals to your HDTV.
airtel DTH Data Recording
Have you recorded too many of your favorite episodes and movies? Your airtel digital TV [HD] recorder arranges your recordings by genre and has a sort feature which helps you find any particular recorded episode or movie, with ease.
airtel DTH storage capacity
your digital TV [HD] recorder has a storage capacity of up to 750 hours
Watch Phone
Watch One record One with airtel DTH
No need to toggle between two of your favorite HD shows airing at the same time. You don’t even have to sacrifice one show for the other. With airtel digital TV [HD] recorder’s Watch-One Record-One feature, now enjoy one HD show while your Set Top Box records the other one for you.
easy reording
With unique easy series recording feature of airtel digital TV [HD] recorder, you can instruct your Set Top Box to record all the episodes of your favorite TV program at the touch of a button.
Pause Live TV
Pause and Resume Live TV
With digital TV [HD] recorder’s Pause feature, no interruptions from neighbors, ringing door bells and phone calls are just a thing of the past. Just pause any HD channel or live show at any time and when you are ready to return to action, resume watching from where you left off.
fast forward live TV
Now Fast-Forward to the best parts of your favorite HD program and enjoy a DVD like experience with a 32X fast forward feature only on your digital TV [HD] recorder.
Rewind Live TV
Missed an important dialogue or an exciting catch? airtel digital TV [HD] recorder comes with a rewind button that lets you go back to the part of the show you missed and watch it again and again.
Live TV in slow motion
Live TV in slow motion
Be the third umpire in a cricket match or get closer to an intense action scene in slow motion! Simply pause a channel or your any recorded video and press forward once to start slow motion. Press the play button to get back to normal speed.
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