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Your battery lasts 20% longer

airtel 3G network boasts of smart features that help you save your smartphone's battery life. Yes, that's true. Our advanced network controls devices and puts them in energy conservation state. The updates of the apps are done periodically at low energy states that help in saving battery life and thus, improving your handset's performance!

Youtube streams 25% faster

We have tied up with the world's best technology providers like Google and Akamai to cache the content you love the most. What does it mean? We store the most popular videos or information locally, near to you to avoid any latency. As a result, YouTube videos are streamed faster and what you get is an enriching overall experience.

From Noida to Gurgaon

With over a lakh telecom towers and a world-class mobile broadband network across India, airtel 3G ensures a seamless and uninterrupted internet experience on the move.

Facebook loads 25% faster

Connect with your friends 25% faster with airtel 3G! Our Optimised Network Signaling ensures there are no delays in surfing due to erratic signaling. So go ahead, Like, Share and Comment without any hiccups, anywhere, anytime.

Google loads 25% faster

Google.com is one the most visited sites today. Needless to mention, it experiences heavy traffic from around the globe. But that is something airtel 3G users aren't bothered about as they get to access the search engine faster than on any other network!

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